Automatic Onion Slicing Machine

    65   Automatic Onion Slicing Machine can be used for carrot,potato,sweat potato ,taro ,bamboo shoot ,onion,eggplant ,apple ,ginger,pawpaw,pineapple and etc cutting . Feature of Onion S …Advantage of the vegetable cutter: it can cut down the length of the material; or vertical cut materials, such as lemon, carrot, lotus root discs, long straight films, articles, etc.After improved knife ,the machine can cut cheese.










Working Video of Onion Slicing Machine

Feature of Onion Slicing Machine

  1. It can cut slicers ,shreds ,strips by changing the cutter. One machine comes with one set of cutter and the thickness of the cutter can be customized.The slicers thickness is 1mm-8mm, the shres thickness is 3mm-8mm.
  2. It is suitable for central kitchen industries ,canned food processing industries ,frozen food processing industries ,food processing plants ,catering industries ,canteen and etc for use.
  3. The machine shell is made of stainless steel and durable in use.
  4. One machine comes with multi purpose and powerful uses. The cutters can be changed easily and the machine can be operated and cleaned easily.
  5. You can choose the cutters for slicers or shreds cutting ,but can’t cut dicers.

Specification of Onion Slicing Machine

Model RM-OS300
Power 0.75kw/220v
Weight 100kg
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Dimension 850*650*1050mm