Dicing machine

31Best Selling Vegatable Dicer Machine 

■ Can cut onion, carrot, potato, cabbage into dices or cubes by using various size cutter.

Highest Blade Quality   

■ Retain Juice to the Fullest

■ Razor-sharp & Long Lasting Blades

Easy Speed Control

■ Provides the ability to cut hard and soft vegetables with the same precision by manually varying the cutting speed.

Quickest Changeover

■ Only 3 minutes change time between blade sizes! Cleaning inside is very simple. Just open the front door and remove the blade using with our safe cutter holder.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

36.20” x 29.78” x 54.49” (917.5 x 756.5 x 1384 mm)

Machine weight

225 lb (102 kg)
Motor 3-phrase, 230V, 1750RPM, 750W
Maximum product feeding size 3.15” (80 mm) in diameter
Cutting thickness range 1/8” to 3/4"
Processing capability (*1)

440 to 6600 lb/h

(200 to 3000 kg/h)

(*1) The processing capability differs depending on the thickness of cut and the type of food.

Dicing Procedure


Onion, Cabbage, Carrot, Potato, Radish, Cucumber, Sweet potato, Bell pepper, Burdock, Ginger, Pumpkin, Bamboo shoot, Garlic, Celery, Tomato, Lotus root, Mushroom, Apple, Mango, etc.
Boiled octopus, Boiled squid, Ham etc.
Cutting Shape Dices, Cubes, Chopping